Introduction to Facebook Ads for Ecopreneurs: Book your place!

No more wasted Ads money or a trickle of sales per week, join our workshop to build targeted Ad campaigns that turn cold leads into sales.

Introduction to Facebook Ads for Ecopreneurs: Book your place!

About this Event

Calling all eco-brands! Does this sound familiar?

“People love my products and I get amazing feedback! I know if I could reach more people, I could really grow my eco biz!”

“I have put so much effort into my organic social media and spent so much money on a lovely website, but I still am not getting the traffic I need to scale my business”

“I tried running a few Facebook Ads but was really confused about what I was doing and fearful of wasting my money! I didn’t get the results I wanted”

“I just don’t know what to write about in my captions and for my ad copy! My product is great but how do I get people to understand this?”

Our upcoming workshop, 'An Introduction to Facebook Ads for Ecopreneurs' has been designed to give you:

An overview of Ads manager so you can navigate it with more confidence and understanding.

Guidance on choosing the correct campaign objective when you build your ad

A step-by-step walkthrough of building a high converting ad for your ecobrand

Q & A

We understand that one of the biggest road blocks to growing your small business is a lack of knowledge and skill when it comes to online marketing. We train and work with with eco-biz owners just like you and help you harness the power of Facebook Ads so that you can scale your business.

You don’t have to pay expensive agencies to run these for you. When you are starting out in business it's prohibitive to get expensive agencies to run your Facebook Ads. Learning a news skill pays dividends. When your business starts to grow, then you can outsource and concentrate on the parts of the business you love.

This workshop will be co-hosted by Anne Suddick, Facebook Ads strategist and Katy Hancock, copy writer and marketing strategist, from the boutique social media agency Socially Savvy eco. Anne and Katy have a wealth of knowledge between them and a proven track record of working with eco-friendly and sustainable businesses to master their message and drive sales with both organic and paid social media.

"The increase in sales revenue since I started following the Ads advice at the end of May is evidence that it works! I am excited to see what happens as I grow".

Denise - course attendee.

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