How has Lockdown changed your business model?

Ecopreneurs adapt to survive and so have we. We've moved our training online and are thrilled with the feedback - check out our courses and supercharge your eco-biz.

How has Lockdown changed your business model?

Here at Socially Savvy Eco HQ, the juggle between home schooling and work has never been more real!

Whilst we know we are by no means alone in this predicament and have huge empathy for those in even more challenging circumstances, lockdown has forced us to make strategic changes to how we operate.

As Winston Churchill said:

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.”

Data from indicates that there has been a massive 60% daily increase in new online businesses starting up in April 2020, compared with April 2019. That’s equivalent to almost one new business starting a new website builder subscription every working hour, for one whole month!

Moving your business online takes time and investment, but so many start-ups are taking the plunge and they’re coming up trumps, finding new and innovative ways to engage their customers, offering more rewarding content, adding value to their customer experience and to their brand in one canny move.

Here at Socially Savvy Eco, we’ve also seen a huge increase in ecopreneurs seeking to upskill during lockdown. In a climate of financial insecurity, small business owners need to take back roles they may have outsourced, develop their marketing and advertising skills to boost sales and take control of their future.  

As a result, all our client strategy and face to face social media, Facebook and Instagram training sessions have now moved online, and like so many others, Zoom calls have become indispensable. Perhaps the biggest change for us, however, has been to create new and interactive online training courses for ecopreneurs.

Our Introduction to Facebook Ads pilot course is reaching an end and we are delighted with the feedback we have received.

“Since following the advice from the Facebook Ads course, online sales have more than doubled in June and the June sales total is x10 the March total. I know my numbers are small, however, the increase in sales revenue since I started following the ads advice at the end of May is evidence that it works! I’m excited to see what happens as I grow and finely tune my audiences. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the pilot course.”

“So helpful! This has come at the perfect time as I’m aware I need to refine my messaging. Really interesting.”

Working from home has become the new normal for so many eco-biz owners and being able to pause and rewind a video, audio and presentation-based course around a hectic lifestyle, appears to be proving very popular indeed.

So much so, that we have also supported one of our clients to move their entire health and fitness classes online and created a high quality, accredited 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course on to an high quality, interactive, online learning platform.  

We have also been helping ecopreneurs to really nail down who their audiences are and discover how to communicate with them best using Facebook Ads and social posts without spending the earth for little reward. Our bonus copywriting section of our new course is all about Socially Savvy Eco offering a complete package of training to ecopreneurs who need to streamline and focus their time on proven marketing techniques.

Working from home and socially distancing will be here for some time yet and perhaps we’ll never return to the pre-Covid office-based work model? Perhaps it’s time to embrace a more flexible work, life balance?

If you want to invest in yourself as well as your eco-biz, then we’re here to help. If you want to book a Power Hour, learn more about our online training options or need support with your customer journey, Facebook Ads or social media strategy, get in touch.


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