Free Facebook Ads training for Ecopreneurs

Have you tried running Facebook Ads for your eco business but been completely baffled by Facebook Ads manager? Let me help shed some light on the process with my free training video.

Free Facebook Ads training for Ecopreneurs

There is a total of 11 different Facebook campaign objectives, each of them relevant to specific advertising goals. But how do you choose the correct one? 

My free Introduction to Facebook Ads for Ecopreneurs will take you on a brief tour of ads manager before taking a deep dive into campaign objectives and unpicking each one.  

Lucy from Good Things Gifts said, "It was really helpful to be taken through the Facebook Ads process step-by-step and given both an overview of how it works and to find out about some of the detail. Anne provided really helpful first-hand examples of what does and doesn’t work. I’ve now got a far better understanding of how to use Facebook Ads to best promote my business and for maximum impact!" 

Learn to run your own successful Facebook ad campaigns. 

If you find the training useful and want to deepen your understanding of Facebook Ads,then register your interest for my upcoming online Facebook ads course here. I will first be running a pilot version of the course at a heavily discounted fee. I will be trialing the course with just 10 ecobrands so to avoid dissapointment apply by the 15th May. Register your interest here.